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Accounting Consultants for Businesses

We do more than just clean up your books, we clean up your business.

Sometimes all you need is a QuickBooks cleanup. But oftentimes, messy records are just the tip of iceberg. Our people are always interested in looking at the whole picture, and we love working with clients to help their businesses function more efficiently – top to bottom.
Our Business Consulting Services include:

  • Identifying and fixing any gaps in your financial controls
  • QuickBooks training for your entire team
  • Documenting your accounting policies and procedures
  • Translating “accounting speak”
  • Looking at your business as well as your numbers

We add value before we work together. How?

You can’t hire us as your consultant today. Our first step is always to complete what we call our Accounting Dashboard Program, a thorough look under the hood of your business to see if we’re the right fit. Because we do our homework—at no cost to you—everyone has a clear picture of what needs to happen next. The Accounting Dashboard Program is an important reason our consulting relationships create tangible improvements for our clients.

We feel so strongly about this that we invest $1,200 in you even before we work together. Here’s how that program looks.

Our Accounting Dashboard Program 

Building a Focused Client Relationship

At the end of the process, here’s what we will have learned:

  • Where your accounting system inefficiencies are, how these are affecting your business, and how to change them to save you money
  • Where you are leaving money on the table, and how to move this into your business faster
  • What financial information you must have to make smart decisions, and how to share this with you

The final step is to begin working with a professional staff that is committed to reaching your goals.

Meet Your Pit Crew >

Walter Miller - Bookkeeping Expert

Walter Miller

John DeProsperis - Staff Accountant

John DeProsperis

John Uragami - Controller

John Uragami

We’re willing to invest to improve your accounting system before asking you to.
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