Dear overwhelmed business owner,

Need to run your business by the numbers to scale?

Get Your First Fractional CFO by your side.





We transform the purpose of accounting from a necessary chore to a treasure chest of insightful data.

It’s time to shift your business to serve your life every day…
instead of shifting your life every day to serve your business


🗹 You manage the business reacting to how much is in the bank account
🗹 You worry about whether or not you have enough cash for payroll
🗹 You’re frustrated that your bookkeeper can’t build a financial forecast
🗹 You wish you knew which revenue stream is most profitable
🗹 You wonder how much more you can pay yourself as a business owner
🗹 You’re in the same place this year financially as you were last year
🗹 You want to grow your business, and you’re ready to invest in getting help

We’ve seen lots of business owners experience these challenges.
If this sounds like you, let’s chat about how you can break through.


When you know you need an expert at the table who understands numbers and can help you plan for strategic and sustainable growth, you’ll want a CFO. But hiring a full-time resource can be very expensive depending on industry, upwards of $250,000 or more.

Get the benefits of these financial insights when you need them, without the full expense, with your first fractional CFO.

Your business earns seven figures, or you want to invest to grow your six figure business into seven figures.

You seek guidance on pricing strategies, embracing the value of your team’s time and expertise for your clients.

You want to pay yourself more while working less, supported by sound hiring and cost management strategies.

You need profitability projections to expand to new revenue streams, new locations, or new target industries.

Our Clients See Success with Team NPS

“I describe myself as a high value producer to my clients. I think of NPS in the same way.  The investment we made financially in our relationship was a good deal. NPS gave us good counsel, good effort, and good work.  That was a high value investment to me.”

~David Stender, Easton Homes


“I have a lot of favorite things about NPS.  Everybody I’ve worked with throughout the years has made it easy.  I like that you guys are flexible and create a custom plan specific to me and my business needs.  Which is fantastic. You help me meet my goals.”

~Mitch Kanter, Paint Plus


“You fixed our accounting system. I don’t know where we would be if NPS hadn’t done that. We went from around $500K to probably over $2 million this year. All that is being done through the systems that NPS helped us create and the guidance you guys gave  us. You are advisors on the best way to run a company from an accounting perspective. Incredible value. I’ve always felt it was money well spent.”

~Rod Holmes, Pilot Digital Marketing


You don’t need to go it alone. You don’t need to work so hard.
You deserve to have expert financial help by your side.

Client Financial Success is the Norman Legacy

Norman Professional Services was started in 2004 by Walter Miller as an accounting advisory and bookkeeping practice named after his dog, Norman. While the adorable schnauzer-poodle has long since passed, the commitment of Walter and his team to their clients to provide financial clarity lives strong.

They’ve transformed to provide fractional CFO guidance to service-based business owners who are ready to learn about their numbers and ready to grow their companies. Today, the team brings a combined 50+ years of experience in accounting and financial analysis.

By embracing our core value of Learners Who Teach, our mission is to nurture prosperous relationships as trusted teachers, growing financial literate business owners and their businesses.

Our Three Most Popular Fractional CFO Benefits

Monthly Financial Reviews

We meet with you to track your financial performance versus your growth goals and serve as your accountability coach when it comes to cash.

Cash Flow Forecasting

We build a calendar that maps out how cash is coming in and out of your company, and create a plan to build your ideal cash buffer.

Profitability Analysis

Whether it’s for a certain project or a whole service line, we analyze costs that go into what you earn so you know where your best profit margins are.

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Need Emergency Cleanup?

Team NPS Can Come to the Rescue!

If you feel like your books are a confusing mess, we can clean it up in a way that’s forward-thinking so you get the financial information you need to understand what’s happening in your business, especially if it feels like money is flying away.

If you don’t take action, the unsorted pile will just keep growing. We’ve helped lots of clients climb that mountain. There’s no shame – just take the first step. We’ll hold your hand along the way.

The Customer Journey with Norman Professional Services

1. Discover Your Future

We ask questions to better understand your business aspirations for growth, and what it will take to get there.

Our signature Growth Architect process gives you clarity on what your future business looks like, allowing you to make big decisions based on that.

2. Uplevel Your Business

We enhance your financial systems and reporting so you get the visibility you need to grow and scale with confidence.

We serve as the voice of money management in leadership discussions about big decisions that transform your business.

3. Grow Sustainably

We measure against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that tell you where the company is growing in a healthy way (and more importantly, where it’s not).

On a monthly basis, we track and forecast cash flow, profitability, and your own compensation, as they grow.


4. Write Your Next Chapter

We call ourselves Your First Fractional CFO on purpose. Once you grow, you may need new help, inside or outside your business. Or you may look to exit.

We help train and transition new expert financial support helping you in the next phase of your business’s legacy.


Try our QuickBooks diagnostic Financial Fitness Program for under $1000

This bite-sized program takes less than 3 hours of your time, and in as little as a week, we deliver a list of actionable tweaks to system configurations and ways to develop processes, as well as where you align with best practices (you’re doing great – don’t change those things!).

Then, you can prioritize our recommendations, self-implement, or get help to uplevel your financial systems.

Knowing is half the battle. You deserve to have an expert eye help you see where the opportunities are!

Norman Professional Services

NPS is proud to remotely serve small businesses across the United States with outsourced CFO, financial analysis and tracking, and outsourced accounting services. If you think we may be a good fit to help your organizations's goals or if you'd like to learn more, please fill out our contact form or contact us via any of our communication channels below.

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