Financial Fitness: Your Cash Engine Health Check

Want a team of financial experts to take a look at your QuickBooks and see how your accounting system squares up with best practices (and make recommendations where it comes up short)?

Interested in getting a 6-month analysis of financial key performance indicators to show you how your business has been performing over time in terms of profitability, leverage, and cash flow?

Do you have a wishlist of what your accounting system should be able to do for you, and want an action path to make your wishes come true?

Consider NPS’s Financial Fitness service offering:

Financial Fitness is NPS’s proprietary process to review established entrepreneurs’ accounting systems (people, processes, & technology) for effectiveness according to best practices and the business owners’ needs. Our Financial Fitness project features:

  • A project that can last as short as a week
  • Only requires 3 hours of your time, including attending two meetings and completing a form
  • Tap into NPS’s financial and QuickBooks expertise from hundreds of past clients.
  • All for less than a thousand dollars

Our deliverables include 3 sets of recommendations:

  1. Closing the gap between the business owner’s current state and desired future state of the accounting system
  2. Implementing better system configurations and processes to align with best practices
  3. A dashboard of financial KPIs with areas of consideration to improve financial performance

Do you think it’s time for your accounting system to have a check-up?
Click below to schedule a call to talk about a Financial Fitness project for you!

Norman Professional Services

NPS is proud to remotely serve small businesses across the United States with outsourced CFO, financial analysis and tracking, and outsourced accounting services. If you think we may be a good fit to help your organizations's goals or if you'd like to learn more, please fill out our contact form or contact us via any of our communication channels below.

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