Marketing & Creative Agencies

You help clients communicate creatively through marketing. Right brain stuff.

For financial analysis (left brain stuff) don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Did you learn any of these in your marketing courses or training?

  • How to price your services so that a new client is worth your time, from the beginning
  • How deposits and passthrough costs change the way you look at revenue
  • Why analyzing time might be more important than actually tracking time
  • Why profits aren’t the same as cash flow. And how to improve both.
  • How do you create a budget that accounts for fixed and variable spending
  • Branding and design firms make money differently than ad agencies who make money differently than PR firms, etc.

Norman Professional Services brings years of accounting experience to your creative agency. We can be your entire accounting department.

  • Fractional CFO – helping you discover and understand insights hiding in your numbers
  • Part time controller – oversight of all money systems; financial statements 
  • Outsourced accounting services
    • Customer Invoicing and collections
    • Passthrough Media and Subcontractor accounting
    • Vendor Bills and payments
    • Payroll
    • Month end closing

You speak logos/brands/taglines. We speak numbers/KPIs/actionable insights.
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Norman Professional Services

NPS is proud to remotely serve small businesses across the United States with outsourced CFO, financial analysis and tracking, and outsourced accounting services. If you think we may be a good fit to help your organizations's goals or if you'd like to learn more, please fill out our contact form or contact us via any of our communication channels below.

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