Small B2B Professional Services

Entrepreneurs’ small businesses often grow from doing what they love to do.

Chances are that love wasn’t around balancing books. If not, read on!

Entrepreneurs sometimes go into business without the financial training necessary to run a profitable and sustainable operation. Consider the value if you gained insight into…

  • How to price your services so that you more than just break even, you make profit
  • Why analyzing time might be more important than actually tracking time
  • Why profits aren’t the same as cash flow – and how to improve both
  • How do you project out cash income and expenses so that you anticipate cash crunches and have a plan to find cost-effective buffers of capital
  • How can you compare your business to others in your industry through benchmark and ratios
  • How to plan a steady pattern of owner’s salary and equity draws – and understand what the difference is

Norman Professional Services brings years of accounting experience to your small business. We can be your entire accounting department.

  • Fractional CFO – helping you discover and understand insights hiding in your numbers
  • Part time conroller
    • Oversight of all money systems
    • Delivery of financial statements
    • Budget to actual review
    • Cash flow forecasting
  • Outsourced accounting services
    • Customer Invoicing and collections
    • Vendor Bills and payments
    • Payroll
    • Month end closing

Spend less time in the weeds of journal entries and more time doing what you love to do.
Get experts to take care of keeping financials clean with data that helps you run your business.

Norman Professional Services

NPS is proud to remotely serve small businesses across the United States with outsourced CFO, financial analysis and tracking, and outsourced accounting services. If you think we may be a good fit to help your organizations's goals or if you'd like to learn more, please fill out our contact form or contact us via any of our communication channels below.

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