Lately have you experienced any of the following?

  • I complain about how hard I work for so little money.
  • My spouse is mad at me because I am never around for soccer games, dance recitals, fill in the blank family events.
  • I wax nostalgically for the good old days when it was just me and my part time admin.

Does this also describe you?

I am smart, hardworking, and very good at what I do.  I answer my phone.  I reply to emails promptly.  I show up to meetings on time and nicely dressed.  My clients love me; they refer me new business all the time.

Add these two realities up and you may be experiencing what I call the complexity barrier.

Businesses have life cycles just like people.  There’s the start-up phase, there’s the exit phase, and several important stages in between.  The complexity barrier shows up when your business is moving from early maturity to steady growth.

Your business is somewhere between late adolescence and early adulthood.

Perhaps you recall that time in your life.  If you’re like me, complexity was alive and well.  There were some life lessons and good habits I had already learned.  There was a lot of other stuff I was still figuring out.

For many of our clients, they have figured out the sales and marketing part of their business.  They know who their customer is and how to find more of them. These owners have also figured out operations.  They are delivering on the promises they made to those ideal clients.  It’s the other stuff that isn’t working.  Finance, HR, IT, and a few others.

We are well poised to help you beat the complexity barrier, it’s because your current accounting system doesn’t do much more than produce a tax return and pay your bills.  We are helping you create an efficient, financially sound business intelligence system.  Yeah, we’re going to call it accounting, but it’s really your company’s information nervous system.

This new and improved business intelligence system will help you figure out who the most profitable customers are, who your most productive employees are, how to put more money in the bank to name just a few.

You cannot conquer the complexity barrier until you recognize you are living there.  How do we know so much about this subject?  Well, with the important difference that I knew how to overhaul my own company’s accounting system, I have been there.   We grew a great business organically through referrals and missed more recitals than I’d like to admit. 

I want to share my story with you – On the Contact Us page, click link below my profile picture (Walter, that’s me) and schedule a chat to learn more about how I conquered complexity barrier.